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Well realistically, NOT every person can be a friend, but that doesn't mean you should stop looking! Add your interests, and we'll connect you with someone that shares the same interests as you, all with One Click!

How It Works?


We match you with others around the world who are searching as well.

Just click on the "Find Someone" button and we will do all the connecting.

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If you are having a great conversation with someone and want to continue the chatting, you can add them as a Friend! We hope through SmollTalk you will be able to meet people you otherwise wouldn't have dreamed of meeting :)

Manage Interests

Discover, Browse and Add interests that others around the world want to connect with. Know what interests are Trending or Popular and try connecting with someone based on those interests!

Eavesdrop 👀

Don't feel like connecting and chatting with someone? Eavesdrop!

You won't know who you will be eavesdropping, but at least you observe, learn and be entertained by the conversations that are happening around the world.

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We can't wait to welcome you to the SmollTalk community! We hope your time with us is going to be a fun, interesting and engaging. Most importantly, we hope you can leave with a friend or two :)